Horse monitoring and property security

“Being in such a kind of business few years already, I must admit that horses are both work and also a passion.”

When you figure out, how much money but also time it takes to take care of it all, you start to get worried. I was thinking about a solution which would ensure the horses to be safe during night and also the possibility to check if everything is ok during the day.

“During the night, I set up the motion detector to be on, so if somebody who enters this area is detected, I know about it.”

The EYE-02 does exactly what I need as I can check if my employee fed the horses already and whether all the work is done by the time it should be done.

One of the biggest advantages of the camera is the multichannel approach – the camera informs me not only to my mobile phone, but also via an e-mail. Nevertheless, the most efficient way is the web interface, where I can check the events, set up the configuration and activate applications. The one I consider as the most useful are the “Timers”, which turn the camera on and off automatically every day in a certain time. Also when there was an electricity black out, the camera informed us about this status which was very helpful and the back-up battery lasted for the necessary period of time until the standard charging was renewed.

The camera is located in the North of Austria, on the half way from Passau to Salzburg and guards and monitors the horses and their stables in the village called Ampflwang.

Protect during the night

Check what is going on during the day

Be mobile, move the camera and monitor what you need