JabloTool for phones

Beginning with Essence, our desktop phones go online. JabloTool for phones extends your
desktop phone to the web, bringing great features to a large screen and comfortable keyboard.

Phone group administration

JabloTool Features


You can manage your contacts and synchronize them with your Google and corporate Exchange accounts. Thanks to the synchronization you can have the same up-to-date set of contacts in your desktop phone, mobile phone and mail account.

  • Cloud Google Sync
  • Contact management
  • Cloud Exchange Sync
  • Online hotkey settings

Call list

An overview of incoming, outgoing and missed calls is securely backed-up in JabloTool. You have an immediate access to the lists and can call back. All the lists can be exported for further evaluation and archivation.

  • Calls overview
  • Call list backup
  • Missed calls at hand
  • Export for archivation


Texts from your phone are synchronized to JabloTool. You can check messages neatly organized into conversations on a large screen. The messages are encrypted and securely stored for you.

  • Read on large display
  • Conversation view
  • Secure backup
  • Export for archivation

Remote administration

Managing more phones at once is easy. Even if you are responsible for phones in the whole company, you can administer them all remotely from any modern browser. You can add them into groups, backup them, synchronize contacts with corporate Exchange server or update their firmware.

  • Creating phone groups
  • Remote administration
  • Batch synchronization contact groups