Hospital Semily

Healthcare institutions need reliable connection among all their facilities, no matter how remote they are.

The Semily hospital is a small healthcare institution, founded by the municipality of the Semily town. Three interconnected buildings are equipped with 150 beds for intensive, acute and after-care. Every year more than 5000 patients are hospitalized in the centre and more than 60 000 emergency examinations are conducted. The hospital employs 230 employees, thereof 35 doctors and 125 nurses.

“We needed to create a clever telephone solution for our Emergency department.”

„This might be challenging especially for small hospitals with tight budgets, however wireless mobile technology and out-of-the-box thinking can solve even this issue. The Emergency department is located out of the hospital area and therefore has no connectivity to the hospital PSTN network. The second condition was to interconnect the nurse room with the surgery, so both nurse as well as the doctor can have the access to the same phone line,“ says Petr Žanta, the head of IT department of the Semily Hospital.

„After we calculated the rough costs and requirements for building of the infrastructure in case we would choose the PSTN, we decided to look for another solution. We were really lucky, that Mobile Desktop Phones from JABLOCOM were recommended to us at the same time, as they refer to what we were looking for and even they exceeded our expectations. In this moment, we did not only solve the issue of connecting the nurse room with the surgery, but we also explored the wide opportunity of today’s modern wireless information and telco technologies and how they can help us to create modern wireless Emergency department.”

Saving costs for installation and for operation of the fixed line (PSTN) in this remote workplace enabled us to invest the money more efficiently in better and modern medical equipment. The model GDP-04Ai with an analogue line socket offers an ideal solution how to interconnect the nurse room with the surgery. Thanks to connecting of the phone to the PC we discovered new possibilities of modern Emergency department and we can now easily manage all the phone calls and SMSs through the PC or simply make a contact evidence of our patients. Choosing the GSM Desktop Phone enabled the hospital to have their operation costs under control, so they can focus on improving services and healthcare towards the patients.

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