Where can I find IMEI of my device?


What is IMEI

IMEI is the unique production number of your device. Based on it we can precisely identify your device, its exact type, hardware configuration, service history, etc. This is why our support team or service center will ask you for IMEI.

IMEI numbers of all our devices have 15 digits and start with 35.



  • IMEI can be found at the bottom side of the phone. Look for the white label with barcode and number (15 digits, always starting 35).
  • IMEI can be found also in the menu of the phone. It can be named as IMEI, SN or Serial number. In Essence it is located in Settings – Phone – Firmware version.
  • IMEI can be found also on Jablotool.com (if phone is administered). Click on the detail of your phone.


Security cameras

  • IMEI can be found on Jablotool.com, if camera is registered. Check Settings – Camera status (row Serial number).
  • IMEI can be found on a label in the battery compartment, just below the battery.
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