Check warranty period before claiming repair

I have Jablocom product (phone, camera) which needs to be repaired. Why should I check the warranty period with Jablocom before making a warranty claim at the Jablocom service partner?

The warranty period granted by Jablocom begins on the first day when Jablocom sell the device to the first distributor. When the sale process takes longer it may happen that the warranty period of Jablocom will expire, although the warranty of the end user is still valid.

To keep the warranty period granted to the end-user by national law, the user should

  1. Check with Jablocom that the Jablocom warranty has not expired yet by filling out this form before sending the product to service, or
  2. Make a warranty claim via their vendor.

You will avoid the situation when service centre refuses in-warranty repair because Jablocom warranty period expired, although warranty period of the user given by the document of purchase has not expired yet. To solve the situation, it is then necessary to agree with the vendor that they would cover the repair, as if the customer had made a warranty claim via the vendor.

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