Call transfer controlled by USSD/DTMF

Cloud administration overview
This feature is available for the majority of models of the Essence family (GDP-06i, GDP-06e, GDP-09).

In the factory settings the call transfer request is sent by Essence to the network via the standard ECT (Explicit Call Transfer) signalling. When your mobile operator uses a custom DTMF or USSD sequence instead of the ECT signalling, you have to set your phone accordingly. Setting can be done using the service code typed on the standby screen (just like when you dial a number – type code and confirm it by the green button).

The USSD/DTMF sequence definition

The custom call transfer USSD/DTMF sequence can be defined by entering the service code *##04*transfer-sequence#.
If your mobile operator requires to send sequence consisting of *21*, the phone number (to which the call should be transferred) and the # mark, the service code for Essence will be: *##04**21*+++++++++##
Each + in the definition stands for one digit of the phone number. This phone number is added by the phone automatically based on context (active call, contact chosen in the contact list, hot dial pressed, etc.). When you need to send nine digits of a phone number, use nine + marks in the definition.

Notes for using DTMF:

  • When part of the transfer-sequence should be dialed as a DTMF sequence, insert P within the transfer-sequence (press the button 0 and hold it for 2 seconds to type P). Example: *##04**21*777888999P+++++++++##
  • When the whole transfer-sequence should be dialed as a DTMF sequence, start the transfer-sequence with P (press the button 0 and hold it for 2 seconds to type P). Example: *##04*P*21*+++++++++##
  • When the whole transfer-sequence is sent as a DTMF sequence, process of making call transfer changes as follows: 1. During the call press the Transfer button. 2. Select/Type desired phone number. 3. Confirm by the green button.


Show the current configuration

Enter *##04# to show the current configuration. When __ is displayed, your phone uses the standard ECT signalling.

Restore the default settings

Service code *##04*# restores the default setting. Standard ECT signalling will be used.

General remarks

  • When you redefine call transfer with these service codes, than both “Transfer” button and all “Transfer” options in the menus will work accordingly.
  • You need to enter this service code only once, since that the phone follows your instructions any time when Transfer is pressed.
  • You can have different service codes stored under the hot dial buttons and thus simply change behavior of the phone according the current need. (Eg. when your operator has sequence starting with *21* for direct call transfer and with *22* for call transfer with consultation, you can have *##04**21*+++++++++## stored under the first hot dial button and *##04**22*+++++++++## stored under the second hot dial button. Then you can easily switch the behaviour of the phone according your current needs.
20. 5. 2019 GDP-06