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Keeping an eye on what’s important.

7 built-in



Mobile data

cloud storage

15 minutes


Coming home to a find ones home burgled is something you never quite get over. While valuables can be replaced, that sickening feeling of knowing a complete stranger has wandered through your home and violated your privacy can be a terrible experience.

EyeSee uses advanced technology and 7 types of detectors to recognize movements, sounds, vibrations, breaking of glass or opening of doors in the protected area. When triggered the camera records video, sends it to the cloud and informs you by call, text message, multimedia message or e-mail.


Live streaming

Connect to your camera to see what is happening right now. Streaming is available in Jablotool mobile apps and website.

Always protecting

Integrated backup battery provides several hours of operation even when burglars cut of the power (common trick) and you are immediately notified of power interruption.

Mobile data connection

EyeSee uses mobile data connection for reliable secure connection to Jablotool cloud server. Independent mobile connection is safer than WiFi and hard to interrupt.

D-I-Y 15 minutes installation

Just a single power cable, no tools are required. Andjustable stand leg allows stable placement on a shelf, in a bookcase or can be attached to the wall. See for yourself.

EyeSee is fun to use

Remote control tells your camera when you are leaving home and it starts watching. Three remote controls are included in package, additional can be purchased.

Advanced control

The camera can be controlled with remote control, text, voice call or mobile apps.

EyeSee knows what’s important

The camera can report by text, multimedia message, automated voice calls or emails.

Know you are safe

Be alerted when anybody enters your backyard while you are not at home. Never worry again.

Live demo

Picture of parking place
The picture of parking place is taken by EyeSee camera. Pictures are triggered by movement or periodical report and published using the Webcam function.


Family cottage

On the 3rd of February, some burglars even attempted to rob the cottage, but they were captured by the camera. It´s a strange feeling to watch on your mobile… Show story

Hydropower plant monitors water level

Based on decision of local authority environmental department, we are obliged to keep and observe particular flow capacity. Show story

Watch your property and water flowers

In addition to securing the cottage I also use EyeSee together with Smart socket for watering my flowers or vegetables, or switching the heating on and off. Show story

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Quickly swipe through camera’s photos and alarms, or use Live streaming to check current situation at home, in the garden or company parking lot.

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Mobile apps (iOS + Android)

Suitable data tariff

Camera EyeSee uses data to send you reports. Monthly data tariff of 100 MB will be sufficient to protect your house or flat. More information

Technical specification

Model EyeSee 3Gi
Built-in security detectors Motion-in-picture, Passive IR, Glass Break, Door opening, Acoustic noise, Tilt, Touch
Storage memory Micro SD card 2 GB (expandable up to 32 GB)
Included accessories Remote control (3 pcs), power adaptor, wall mounting set
Video recording Resolution 640 × 480 AVI video (MJPEG), JPEG (EXIF 2.2)
Camera lens Focal length 2.9 mm, view angle 95°
Night vision Built-in IR LED reflector 0.6 W, 850 nm, angle 80°
Protected area Detection optimized for area 10 × 10 m
Operating conditions -20 °C to +55 °C, water resistant, long term humidity < 80 %
AC power adaptor 100 – 240 V AC 50 to 60 Hz, output 6 V / 2 A DC
Backup battery Li-ion, 1350 mAh
Mobile network GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and UMTS 900/2100 MHz
USB connectivity USB 2.0, Mass storage device
Short range radio 868,5 MHz, operated according to ERC-REC 70-03
Dimensions 155 × 75 × 55 mm, 300 g