Essence firmware release notes

Business desktop phone


version 1.2.23   May 2024 (GDP-10)

  • NEW: Improved UI for Low battery signalization

version 1.2.21   April 2024 (GDP-10)

  • NEW: IPv6 is newly supported for LTE data communication
  • NEW: Administrators: Advanced procedures to administrate the phone via text messages
  • Fix: Possible error in the Mobile network name on LCD


version 1.1.21   January 2024 (GDP-10)

  • NEW: Emergency calls setting – VoLTE is preferred
  • Fix: Possible random restarts might happen, phone may switch off itself
  • Fix: Sound codec could be muted accidentally
  • Call Forward is repeated automatically twice if the first attempt failed

Fixed bugs

version 1.1.16   September 2023 (GDP-10)

  • Fix: the phone may switch-off unexpectedly in stand-by mode
  • Fix: a random error in communication between main processor and the LCD may show some crazy maps on LCD

Fixed bugs

version 1.1.11   July 2023 (GDP-10)

  • Call Forwarding improvement
  • Minor bug fixes

Fixed bugs

version 1.1.5   May 2023 (GDP-10)

  • Checking for available FW Update may be initiated from the phone menu (Settings/Phone/Firmware version)
  • User notification about an important FW update

Fixed bugs

version 1.0.4   March 2023 (GDP-10)

  • The initial factory version.

Fixed bugs


version 3.1.65   15th September 2022 (GDP-09)

New features

  • Auto-repeat of an unsuccessful online firmware update
  • APN authentication selects PAP or CHAP automatically
  • Change in the APN settings applies without a restart

Fixed bugs

  • New handling of DTMF tones during the call
  • Synchronization of the call forwarding settings of data calls with
  • Frozen synchronization with when large amount of SMS was deleted

Network customization

  • TDC DK, T-Mobile CZ: Alternative handling of the USSD codes
  • TDC DK: Call forwarding on VoLTE
  • T-Mobile AT: Call transfer blocked for VoLTE
  • T-Mobile AT: Emergency numbers called via VoLTE

version 3.1.48   6th January 2022 (GDP-09)

New features

  • Automatic remote configuration of IMS (VoLTE) settings controled by server
  • Signal strength and used technology (2G/3G/VoLTE) are displayed during the call (in advanced layout)
  • Restart is not needed to switch data off
    (Settings > Network > Mobile data > Data off)
  • New analytical features of the service menu (GSM BER, used band)


Fixed bugs

  • Error number 1009 after incorrectly finished Explicit Call Transfer (ECT)
  • Frozen keyboard when high number of missed calls occurs
  • Call history sync problems when high number of items is deleted
  • Operation without SIM card
  • Reading of emergency numbers from SIM card

version 3.1.37   1st June 2021 (GDP-09)


  • Adjustment of initial volume settings
    (Note: To apply all adjustments we recommend reset to factory defaults after the update.)
  • Optimization of call transfer
  • Optimization of the automatic VoLTE settings download


Fixed bugs

  • Sync of the SMS history with

version 3.1.31   1st June 2021 (GDP-09)

  • The first factory version



version 2.3.21   26th April 2021 (GDP-06e)


  • Improved audio quality


version 2.3.7   21st April 2020 (GDP-06e / GDP-06i)

Fixed bugs

  • Handling of unusually long contact names synchronized from (First Name longer than 32 chars)
  • Unintentionally muted microphone when dialing a second call

version 2.3.6   2nd March 2020 (GDP-06e / GDP-06i)

Improvements in the mobile data handling

  • Submenu APN renamed to Mobile data
    (Settings > Network > Mobile data)
  • Possibility to switch off completely data
    (Settings > Network > Mobile data > Data off)
  • New Synchronisation status overview
    (Settings > Network > Synchronize now)
  • In case of permanent connection error the phone tries to connect 10 times only (after each start)
  • New APN settings for Norwegian mobile networks

Improvements in the display settings

  • New submenu Display
    (Settings > Phone > Display)
  • Contrast setting moved
    (Settings > Phone > Display > Contrast)
  • New setting Backlight – active
    (Settings > Phone > Display > Backlight – active)
  • New setting Backlight – standby
    (Settings > Phone > Display > Backlight – standby)

Fixed bugs

  • Handling of an enormous number of simultaneously incoming messages
  • Handling of a wrong IMSI reading

version 2.3.1   25th July 2019 (GDP-06i)

New functions and improvements

  • Support of the pause in dialing (P) in the call transfer custom settings (*##04#)
  • Support of the pause in dialing (P) in the fixed prefix function (*##03#)
  • Keyboard: Long press (2 sec) of the button 0 or 7 writes P (stands for pause in dialing)
  • Keyboard: Long press (2 sec) of the * button writes +
  • Keyboard: Long press (2 sec) of the # button changes the screen layout
  • Keyboard: Autorepeat feature was disabled
  • Customisation done for Bouygues France

Fixed bugs

  • Unclear DTMF tones in the loudspeaker mode
  • Wrong cursor position when all contacts are deleted

version 2.2.4   26th June 2017 (GDP-06i)

New functions and improvements

  • Calling line identification restriction (CLIR) is supported. Read more
  • All characters with national diacritics and special characters (e.g. @, %, …) can be inserted into contact name, SMS message or into phonebook search string.
  • Italian language added to user interface.
  • Updated texts of user interface in French language.
  • Updated database of internet access points.
  • Alphanumeric search in phonebook is more user friendly. The red button deletes only the last character instead of deleting the whole sequence.
  • Default setting of “Network mode” was changed from “3G only to ”Automatic” covering 3G/2G.
  • Essence can be added to Jablotool by entering service code in the phone menu.

Fixed bugs

  • Searching of contacts with Norwegian characters “Æ”, “Ø” and “Å” is supported.

version 2.2.2   11th April 2017 (GDP-06i)

New functions and improvements

  • Updated database of internet access points.
  • Updated texts of user interface in Hungarian.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed: Roaming was indicated with SIM of Transatel France when Essence was logged to a French network.
  • Fixed: Manual selection of network providers showed empty list. Bug occurred when connection with JabloTool was active or when data on SIM card was not available during the search for network providers.
  • Fixed: User contact could not be erased and edited when neighbouring contact was a phone group contact. Bug occurred when a phone group hotkey was stored with empty First name and Last name.
  • Fixed: Neighbouring contact was highlighted after user edited a contact in phonebook and saved changes. Bug occurred when a phone group hotkey was stored with empty First name and Last name.
  • Fixed: Wrong items were displayed in contact OPTIONS menu in some cases. Bug occurred when a phone group hotkey was stored with empty First name and Last name.
  • Fixed: Phone group hotkey could not be dialled. Bug occurred when a phone group hotkey was stored with empty First name and Last name.
  • Fixed: Selected phonebook contact moved from the lower position to the upper position on the display in a limited number of cases.
    Bug occurred when a phone group hotkey was stored with empty First name and Last name.

version 2.1.9   16th December 2016 (GDP-06i)

New functions and improvements

  • Alphabetical sorting of contacts in phonebook includes characters with diacritics.
  • Phone will communicate its IMEI and IMSI to Jablotool after it is switched ON for the first time or when SIM card is changed.
  • Bulk deleting of contacts is now faster.
  • Updated database of internet APN
  • Minor adjustment of Essence texts in Hungarian.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed: User interface in call transfer is now unified.
  • Fixed: Call divert can be configured to all long numbers.
  • Fixed: Emergency numbers can be dialled even when calling to user contacts is restricted by phone group administrator.
  • Fixed: Essence turned ON in English instead of Swedish when SIM card of Swedish network provider was inserted.
  • Fixed: Dialling with fixed prefix could not be always cancelled by code stored under hotkey.
  • Fixed: Message “Unable to process” appeared in call transfer.
  • Fixed: Emergency numbers 000, 08, 112, 110, 118, 119, 911 and 999 are now supported when no SIM card is present.
  • Fixed: Search in contacts containing characters with diacritics
  • Fixed: Essence can recover from the error 1013. Error is shown after unexpected characters are synchronized into Essence.
  • Various bug fixes

version 2.0.19   20th August 2016 (GDP-06i)

First SW version

Includes features

Known bugs

  • Essence cannot recover from the error 1013. Error is shown after contacts with unexpected characters are synchronized into Essence: e.g. empty first name and surname or letters in call numbers.

version 1.8.4   30th November 2016 (GDP-06)

New features

  • Essence is ready to support Admin Hotkeys
  • Updated database of internet APN for connecting to Jablotool
  • Update of firmware texts in Czech, Danish, English, French, German and Spanish
  • Various minor bug fixes

Known bugs

  • Essence may not update its time after GSM network switches to or from daylight saving time. Turn the phone OFF and ON to obtain the correct time.

version 1.7.8  2nd May 2016 (GDP-06)

  • Fixed: Essence occasionally stopped synchronizing contacts and other data with JabloTool account where the phone was added.

version 1.7.7  19th November 2015 (GDP-06)

  • User of Essence and administrator of phone group can configure remotely how incoming calls will be handled. Read more
  • Fixed: when data connection is not available Essence sends only one SMS to  Read more
  • Fixed: incoming video call over GSM network is rejected correctly.
  • Fixed: names of network providers in manual network search are read from SIM card.
  • Fixed: name of network provider in advanced standby screen is read from SIM card.
    Press and hold * (star) to switch between advanced and basic standby screen.
  • Fixed: incoming MMS are discarded without displaying to user.
  • Various other bug fixes

version 1.6.8  22nd May 2015 (GDP-06)

  • Portuguese language added

version 1.6.7  18th May 2015 (GDP-06)

  • Bug fix: Increased sensitivity of handset microphone. Low sensitivity occurred only on HW XG10107 (to see your HW version type *#06#).

version 1.6.6 15th January 2015 (GDP-06)

  • Optimized data traffic on Essence SIM card when using Essence with JabloTool for phones. Read more
  • Audible signalization of incoming SMS during active call
  • Improved indication of missing SIM card and SIM card error
  • Minor bug fixes

version 1.6.2 20th October 2014 (GDP-06)

  • Sorting of contacts by First name or Last name
  • Selectable network mode – 2G, 3G or automatic
  • Storing of new phone number directly into Hotkey
  • Special characters like @ or € can be inserted into contact details or SMS.
  • Factory reset can be protected by password in JabloTool.
  • Improved synchronization of SMS with JabloTool
  • Dialling with selected prefix – the number being dialled is displayed without such prefix. Read more
  • Changed order of items in main menu
  • Synchronization of contacts cannot be triggered in Essence until its registration in JabloTool is finished.
  • Minor bugfix: Dialling of numbers with P characters.
  • Various bug fixes

version 1.5.21 16th September 2014 (GDP-06)

  • Automatic dialling with selected prefix, activated by service code
  • Optimized volume of ringing, tone dialling and DTMF
  • Optimized volume in calls on handset
  • Various bug fixes

version 01.05.17 26th May 2014 (GDP-06)

  • Dialling DTMF sequence by Hotkey
  • Bugfix: The ID of incoming call was not entered into call history after Explicit call transfer.

version 1.5.14 22nd April 2014 (GDP-06)

  • Indication of roaming added to display in stand-by
  • Bugfix: Sending of USSD commands to the network, e.g. *25*[number]# to transfer call to another number
  • Bugfix: Dutch translation of firmware corrected

version 1.5.13 1st April 2014 (GDP-06)

  • Synchronization of contacts with Microsoft Exchange (version 2007 SP1 , 2010, 2010 SP1, 2010 SP2 and 2013 supported)
  • Sorting of phonebook by last name or first name
  • Field „Company“ added to the contact details
  • Automatic configuration of date & time format
  • Manual network selection
  • Higher volume of ringing and notification sounds
  • Dialling of DTMF codes from contact list
  • Indication of ongoing call with number stored in more contacts, (e.g. „+3“ when you speak to number stored in three contacts)
  • New design of stand-by screen (missed calls, incoming SMS)
  • Icons of administrator and user contacts
  • Administrator can limit calling and texting to administrator contacts only
  • Administrator can disable user contacts and allow administrator contacts only
  • Bugfix: SMS in inbox temporarily disappeared after switching OFF the phone

version 1.4.3 1st January 2014 (GDP-06)

  • Updated APN database

version 1.4.1 17th December 2013 (GDP-06)

  • Simplified Conference call
  • Simplified Call transfer
  • Automatic APN config
  • Bugfix: No JabloTool connection of APN was longer than 11 characters.
  • Bugfix: No audio indication of a waiting call.
  • Bugfix: No BUSY tone when other party is busy or rejected incoming call.

version 1.3.3 2nd December 2013 (GDP-06)

  • Call divert
  • Call waiting

version 1.2.6 1st November 2013 (GDP-06)

  • Improved phone update process
  • Bugfixes

version 1.2.5 21st October 2013 (GDP-06)

  • Google contacts sync
  • Menu options for conference call
  • Menu options for call transfer
  • Phonebook search
  • Phone languages: česky, Deutsch, Español, Magyar, Norsk, Polski, Slovene, Suomi

version 1.2.2 30th September 2013 (GDP-06)

  • Text messaging
  • Headset support
  • Various bugfixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Update will reset your phone to factory settings

version 1.1.9 10th September 2013 (GDP-06)

  • Basic calling functions
  • Basic cloud services support
  • OTA update
  • Contact management
  • Call list
  • Silent mode (button)
  • Speakerphone (button)