Essence sends SMS to unknown number

I use Essence phone (GDP-06). I can see on the bill from network provider that Essence sent several SMS to a number +420720002563 which is not stored in the contact list. Also, I cannot see the SMS in the list of messages in the phone. Why does this happen and how can I avoid the SMS?

Number +420720002563 belongs to JabloTool server. When Essence is registered in JabloTool it synchronizes its contacts, call list etc. with JabloTool. When synchronization is not possible due to unavailable data Essence with older SW versions reports this to JabloTool by SMS messages. It happens when

  1. Essence is registered in JabloTool
  2. Essence uses one of obsolete SW versions (SW 1.6.2 and older).
    To see the firmware version of Essence select Options > Settings > Phone > Firmware version. Check the information on the line SW.
  3. Data on the SIM card is not available.


The solution depends on whether you want to keep using Essence with JabloTool.

Keep using Essence with JabloTool

  1. Restore GSM data on your SIM card
    • Contact your network provider, or
    • Charge your prepaid card, or
    • Insert another SIM card into Essence where data is available.
  2. Update your Essence firmware, follow this guide. Essence with the latest firmware will send only one notification SMS to Jablotool when data connection is not available.

Use just Essence without JabloTool

  1. Type *##99# on your Essence
  2. Press Options twice. A service menu will open
  3. Select Code entry
  4. Type W
  5. Confirm the entry by button with green tick symbol
5. 10. 2015 GDP-06