Phone administration: Preconditions, supported phones & functions

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The cloud service offers intuitive and effective administration of mobile desktop phones (SIM operated phones) produced by Noabe (Jablocom). It enables creating and administering phone groups; checking phone statuses; synchronizing contacts; setting hotkeys, call forwarding rules, user rights; assigning phone to an user; etc.

The service is operated by NOABE s.r.o. and is provided free of charge. Phones communicate with the cloud using data, thus data charges from your mobile operator may apply.



  • Mobile data is enabled on SIM cards of administered phones. The administration typically requires less than 10 MB / monthly.*
  • User account is created at (see guide)
  • Phones are registered at (see guide)


Supported phones:

  • Jablocom Raven (GDP-08)
  • Jablocom Essence (GDP-06e)
  • Jablocom Essence (GDP-06i)
  • Jablocom Essence (GDP-06)


Main functions:**

  • Administration of phones in group(s)
  • Phone status
  • Synchronized contacts with / Google Contacts / MS Exchange (group + individual)
  • Synchronized hotkeys (group + individual)
  • Synchronized switchboard (group + individual)
  • Call forwarding rules (individual)
  • User rights & Call restrictions settings (group)
  • Remote access to call history (individual)
  • Remote access to text messages (individual)
  • Remote firmware update (group + individual)


Legal notice:

The cloud infrastructure is located in the European Union and service is operated in strict compliance with European regulations. Terms of Service and Privacy and data protection policy can be found and downloaded at



*) For Raven (GDP-08) WiFi can be used instead of mobile data.
**) Some functions are available only for certain types of phones.

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