How to update Raven

We strongly recommend to use always the most recent firmware in your Raven phone. Firmware updates bring new features and improve performance and security of your phone (Check release notes for details).

Before you start the update

  • Plug your Raven into the mains.
  • Preferably connect your phone to the local WiFi network. Update may involve downloading dozens of MB from our servers.


Updating Raven

  • Open the list of applications on your Home screen.Open applications
  • Choose the application System update.Launch Raven Update app
  • By some software versions of Raven you may be asked to add your account. In such case please select Add account, then Existing account and use following credentials:
    Password: raven
    Confirm updateCreate Jablotool accountCreate Jablotool account
  • Download size is shown. Please click on Download to proceed.Download update
  • When the download is completed, please click on Install update. Update starts and Raven restarts automatically when it is finished.
    Please note: Do not unplug Raven from mains during the update.Confirm update
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    5. 9. 2014 GDP-08