EYE-02 and EyeSee comparison

What is the difference between EYE-02 and EyeSee camera?


EYE-02 camera presents version fitted more for professional installers or distributors of security solutions.

EyeSee camera is a model optimized for even non-technically skilled users. Even though the HW side is identical with the
EYE-02, the EyeSee differs mainly in intuitive installation process, behaviour and customer approach.


It is expected the EYE-02 will be installed and configured by a professional installer. Together with choosing one of the predefined profiles and with personal expertise, it will be no problem to set up the camera according to particular needs.

Both, web portal JabloTool.com as well as PC software are available.
The installer is able to recommend suitable wireless peripherals – additional key fobs, detectors, smart socket etc.

EyeSee will be installed and configured by a customer itself. The installation procedure will guide him to the portal JabloTool.com within few minutes. Based on JabloTool configuration wizard, the camera will be set up right after answering several basic questions.

EyeSee installation is managed solely via JabloTool.com (there is basic tool for PC in case of emergency). SIM card with data tariff plan is necessary.
Everything needed is in the package – EyeSee, three keyfobs, screws, screwdriver, user´s guide.


In the EYE-02 packaging you can find a remote control – a key fob. This key fob is for one user only, anyway you can add additional key fobs if necessary. Except this remote control you can control your EYE-02 camera via voice menu, SMS commands, PC software JabloTool, mobile app as well as web portal JabloTool.com. Anyway please count on usage of data transmission when using JabloTool.com or mobile app.

EyeSee camera is delivered to you with three keyfobs as remote control. Except the keyfobs you can use also voice menu, web portal JabloTool.com and mobile app too. Anyway please count on usage of data transmission when using JabloTool.com or mobile app.

For more information about suitable data tariff click here.

Communication with Alarm receiving centre (ARC)

EYE-02 is ready to communicate with the alarm receiving centres (ARC) using Jablotron protocols.

Communication to ARC is not supported by EyeSee.


EYE-02 is designed as a security system and also acts accordingly. For example:
Reporting queue. It can take a while but you will get all the events.
When the camera is recording, the camera can behave discretely. The objective is to record and send the report „quietly“.
The documentation covers detailed information about available possibilities. There are also application notes covering cooperation with the Jablotron OASIS accessories. To find out more information, please click here.

EyeSee is not strictly a pure security system. It rather tries to behave like a friendly home guard.
No reporting queue. If the camera is too busy, it will every time send you only the most up-to-date picture.
When recording, the red LED flashes (as on any standard video camera). EyeSee informs you that it is on and recording.
The EyeSee documentation is simplified and focuses on particular selected easy solutions. For more information click here.

Some other EyeSee simplifications

EyeSee has some other simplified security functionalities:

  • Simplified video settings
  • Adjustable resolution, but it is not possible to configure the recording time period, picture quality, pre-trigger, etc.
  • Slightly limited reporting possibilities – e.g. type of e-mail attachment (pictures/video) cannot be set.
  • No „alert“ status.
  • When in Sleeping mode, it does not guard the wireless accessories.
  • When in Sleeping mode, the camera can be turned off (using power button).
  • No „configuration password“ needed for configuration adjustments.
  • No battery mode, configuration mode and test mode.
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