Install and update Jablotool SW

I would like to connect my device to the PC via USB cable. How can I install or update JabloTool SW?

How to install JabloTool SW

  1. Download JabloTool desktop SW from,
  2. Install the SW. If you cannot install the SW on your PC, please check here if JabloTool SW is supported by your operating system.
  3. Connect device by USB cable to your PC when installation is finished.

How to update JabloTool SW

  1. Open JabloTool
  2. Click on the round icon in the upper left corner, choose Check for updates from the menu
  3. Select Check for updates

  4. JabloTool will offer you to update the SW if newer version is available.

Please note that no further development of Jablotool SW is foreseen. The development of JabloTool in web browser ( continues.

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