It was the first GSM desktop phone and defined its segment.

A rather unusual mobile phone was designed as an advanced replacement of landline desktop device, bringing modern features of mobile phones on the desk.

Its advantages were quickly recognized worldwide and the success story of GDP-02 began.

The beginning of an era

It quickly caught attention of companies, households and mobile carriers and began selling worldwide. Have a look how the CNN liked it! GDP-02 became a synonym of a modern desktop phone. Even today, it still keeps elderly in touch with their childern, delivering texts and missed call list an a package elderly recognize.
At the same time, advantages of the desktop phone with a SIM card were recognized in companies and after 5 years the trusty phone was accompanied with GDP-04, desktop phone designed for business purposes.

Both GDP-02 and GDP-04 are superceeded with Jablocom’s latest entry in the business segment, the cloud enhanced Essence.