“Connecting” to my camera is very slow

Connecting to your camera can be sometimes slow. It is caused by mechanism of establishing connection between JabloTool and your camera. There are mainly three reasons of delay:

1. JabloTool Web does not know IP address of your camera to connect to it directly (devices working on GSM networks usually do not have public static IP). Also, EYE-02 or EyeSee do not have web server integrated. Therefore, our server sends a connect message to your camera. Based on this message, your camera opens data connection and connects itself to JabloTool. So, the first delay is caused by the time necessary to deliver the connect message to your camera.

2. Your camera uses its GSM line for making/receiving voice calls, sending SMS, MMS and e-mails reports to defined contacts and to send data to the Cloud. If your camera is currently busy with reporting, web connection to JabloTool will wait.

3. If your camera is working in the area with poor GSM coverage, the data traffic can be very slow. This affects not only the web connection to JabloTool, but also the time necessary to finish reporting described above. Follow this link to improve the signal of your camera.

To improve your experience we recommend to

  1. Check that your camera is up-to-date (connect to the camera in JabloTool and select Settings > Firmware update).
  2. Allow data for your camera in JabloTool (select Settings > Change Data plan and choose the first or second option). Camera will start reporting all events including pictures to the secure Cloud storage. Next time you want to see the events you will connect to the Cloud only. Connecting to your camera directly will be necessary just for live stream or changing camera configuration.
24. 5. 2013 EyeSee