Configure camera’s built-in detectors

How to configure built-in detectors of EYE-02 camera?

First use

Wizard in will help you with the initial configuration of your camera. The wizard will start automatically after you register your camera in for the first time. You can also find it in SettingsInstallation wizard.


Follow the steps on the screen. In step 4 you will be asked to select camera profiles (based on typical use cases). For more information about camera profiles click here.

Configuration of detectors

Sign in to your account. Click on your camera, go to “Settings”. Switch to Advanced and select Detectors in the section Peripherals. There you can change settings of the camera’s built-in detectors. For more information about built-in detectors see How camera detectors work or consult camera user guide.

28. 11. 2014 EYE-02 JabloTool