Cannot connect to EYE-02 in

We suppose you logged in to your JabloTool account on You started connecting to your camera but JabloTool tells you that it cannot connect. Please check these points:

  1. Make sure your camera is turned ON.
    1. Power the camera from power adaptor
    2. Green LED should be steady ON when camera is in Sleep mode
  2. If camera is far away call the camera. You will hear audio menu if your contact is stored in the camera. Or you will hear ringing twice and camera will end the call if your contact is not stored in the camera.

  3. Make sure that you have entered right phone number (international format +XXX XXX XXX XXX). Click on the settings symbol and check camera phone number in the pop-up window.

    Connection settings

  4. Is data activated on your SIM card? Is your SIM card topped up? Have you not reached FUP limit? Ask your GSM provider. Network provider may end data communication just after you reach monthly data limit – Jablotool will then permanently display the message “Connecting camera” and no visible error will come up.
  5. Check camera signal by sending SMS in the format “0000 STATUS” to your camera. 0000 (four zeros) is default password. If you changed this password use your own password.
  6. ⇒ Camera will reply by SMS with information about the signal. You can check the signal also in JabloTool SW (see point 6). The optimum signal is at least 60%. For more information about improving camera signal click here.

  7. Install Jablotool SW on your PC. You can download it from
  8. Start the program and connect the camera via USB cable to your computer.
  9. Update software of camera. Right-click on the icon of your camera and choose Update firmware.
  10. software update in JabloTool

  11. Click on the icon of your camera. You will see information about GSM signal.
  12. Select Configuration and then GSM network. Select the option Automatic configuration.

Now try to connect to your camera again. If you still cannot connect please fill in this form to contact us.

24. 5. 2013 EYE-02 JabloTool