Cannot connect my device via USB cable

I installed and launched JabloTool SW. I connected by EYE-02 camera (or Jablophone GDP-04i) to my computer. However, JabloTool does not recognize my camera / phone. What to do?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your JabloTool SW is up-to-date. Click here to see how to update JabloTool SW.
    1. If JabloTool offers you update then disconnect your device from your computer and launch the update;
    2. Connect your device to the computer when the update is finished.
  2. Update the driver of your device:
    1. In Windows click on Start and type into the search field „device manager“;
    2. Open the Device manager and expand Jablocom devices;
    3. There may be yellow exclamation mark next to your device. It indicates that device driver is not installed correctly. Right-click on your device and select Update Driver Software.
    4. Update driver SW

    5. A new window will appear. Select Search automatically for updated driver software.

    Driver of your device will be installed, your device may now be recognized by JabloTool SW.

  3. Avoid using USB hubs, connect USB cable from camera directly into your computer.
  4. Use another USB port of your computer.
  5. Check if your operating system is supported by JabloTool. You will find the list of supported operating systems here. If your operating system is not supported, try connecting the camera to another PC where operating system is supported by JabloTool.

Jablocom Essence (GDP-06) cannot be connected by USB cable to your PC. You can manage Essence in JabloTool in your web browser.

15. 7. 2015 EYE-02 GDP-04 Help Me! kit JabloTool