Camera does not send picture messages (MMS)

Check several points:

First make sure that SIM card which you have in the camera can send MMS messages. It is simple – put the SIM card into a mobile phone and send a picture message to some other mobile phone. Does it arrive?

  1. Have you configured your camera so that it sends MMS? Now it is time to check it.
    • Connect to your camera via and choose Reporting. Did you enter here your phone number? Under your phone number select one of reporting profiles (e.g. Alarms).
    • Choose Advanced and Reported events. Go to the line with event after which the camera should send you MMS (e.g. Alarms -> Intruder alarm).
    • Check if the “camera” symbol is selected in your reporting profile (e.g. Alarms).
  2. Update the firmware of the camera. Select Settings -> Firmware update.
    During camera update you download also the newest version of GSM parameters. You need correct GSM parameters to receive picture messages from the camera.
  3. Check the strength of GSM signal. Stay connected via and select Settings -> Advanced -> Camera status. Optimum signal is at least 40% for 2G camera and 30% for 3G camera. If the signal is too low then follow the post on how to improve camera signal.
  4. Select GSM network. Check that “Manual configuration” is OFF.
  5. Select Settings -> Video settings. Change the image size to Middle or Small.

Now make the event after which the camera should send you picture message. If you do not receive MMS from the camera click on Support in bottom right corner and contact us.

24. 6. 2013 EYE-02 EyeSee