Using headset with JabloPhone

Is it possible to use headset with my JabloPhone?

Yes, it is. You can use a connector adaptor RJ-11 ↔ 2x 3,5 mm jack (buy here) and normal PC-compatible headset with two separate connectors for MIC and HEADPHONES.

  1. Disconnect the receiver cable from the phone and receiver. Leave the receiver on the phone.
  2. qg headset 1

    qg headset 2

  3. Connect the adaptor to the phone.
  4. qg headset 3

  5. Connect your headset to the adaptor.
  6. qg headset 4

  7. You should end up with this:
  8. qg headset 5

Now you have to enable the headset support in the phone.

  1. Go to Menu of the JabloPhone and select Settings Service Code entry… → and enter HEAD1 to toggle on the headset support (for toggling off the headset support enter code HEAD0)
  2. qg headset 6

  3. Or use JabloTool desktop SW (download here) – connect your JabloPhone via USB to your computer, select ConfigurationAdvanced → tick Headset support
  4. JTD headset support

  5. For making, receiving or ending calls please use green tick button and red X button or spacebar.
26. 6. 2013 GDP-04 Help Me! kit JabloTool