How to proceed when Noabe or Jablocom device needs repair

We always design and manufacture our products to serve customers well for a long time. If you have a problem with your Noabe or Jablocom device, we apologize and will do our best to set things right. Please follow these points.

A. Find a solution on our support portal

Our support portal provides uncomplicated instructions for solving the common issues and questions. Please start right here.

B. Contact our technical support

If the support portal has not resolved your issue or answered your question, please contact our technical support. Our experienced colleagues will provide you assistance.

C. Sending the device for warranty repair

If colleagues from technical support have not resolved your issue, your device needs to be sent for the warranty repair.

  • If the manufacturer’s extended warranty has not yet expired (this can be confirmed by our technical support), please send the product directly to the service partner in your area. If not stated otherwise the manufacturer’s warranty on new phones in the official distribution is provided in the length of 38 months after the first shipment from factory. This warranty is based on our promise and our records related to each phone and thus does not require any proof from the customer.
  • If the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired, but the seller’s warranty still exists, please contact your seller.

In both cases, please:

  • check that the device is not visibly damaged (including its plastic parts and accessories), does not show signs of contact with liquid, was not exposed to high humidity and was not disassembled by unauthorized personnel
  • attach a repair protocol to the device and describe the fault properly in it
  • pack safely the device so that it does not get damaged during transport (the original packaging of the product is the best)
  • include all accessories according to the table:
Model Accessories
Essence (GPD-09, GDP-06e, GDP-06i, GDP-06) handset, handset cable, USB cable, battery, and power adapter
Raven (GDP-08) handset, handset cable, connector cover and power adapter
EYE-02 or EyeSee camera antenna, camera holder, remote control or Clicker, battery, USB cable, power adapter


D. Sending equipment for out-of-warranty repair

We also provide the paid out-of-warranty service to our products. If you wish to use our services, please send the equipment to our service partner in your area.

Please enclose a properly filled repair protocol – describe the defect, provide your contact details and set the maximum acceptable repair price. We also recommend to send all device accessories, including headphones, cables, and power adapter.

11. 3. 2016 EYE-02 EyeSee GDP-02 GDP-04 GDP-06 GDP-08 Help Me! kit JabloTool