Registering GDP-06 on

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Essence phones of the first generation (GDP-06) does not fully support the current method of phone registration on When you are registering such a phone please follow this procedure.

– Register your phone to your phone group on (see Adding phones).
– Do following steps on your GDP-06 phone:

  1. On the stand-by screen type *##99# to activate the service menu.
  2. Press the Options button twice to open the service menu.
  3. Choose Code entry.
  4. Type and confirm WSTART
  5. Press repeatedly the red button until you get back on the stand-by screen.
  6. Press Names button.
  7. With the cursor pointing at the item New Contact press the Options button.
  8. In the menu choose Synchronize now.

Thus your phone will start regular synchronization with

9. 3. 2020 GDP-06 Phone Administration Troubleshooting