Power failure report

How will the EYE-02 or EyeSee camera inform me about power failure or disconnecting AC adapter?

This depends on whether camera is in Watch or Sleep mode.

Camera in WATCH mode
Camera in WATCH mode will trigger the event “AC power failure” after 15 seconds. Opposite event “AC power recovered” is triggered with the delay of 10 minutes after restoring power.

Camera in SLEEP mode
Camera in SLEEP mode will trigger the event “AC power failure” after 30 minutes. Camera will trigger the opposite event “AC power recovered” after 60 minutes.

These delays prevent sending a lot of messages in case the power keeps switching on and off. It might sometimes happen when the power supply company makes some repairs on their network. This also prevents sending report in case you accidentally burn power fuses in your property and you restore electricity within 10 minutes.

24. 6. 2013 EYE-02 EyeSee