JabloTool release notes

Access, control and configure your Jablocom device from the web

version 3.9.13  5th June 2017

New functions and improvements

  • Administrators and users can add Essence and Raven phones to Jablotool by re-sending registration SMS from their own phone.
  • New Essence (model GDP-06i) can be added to Jablotool by entering service code in the phone menu.
  • Users can add EYE-02 and EyeSee cameras to Jablotool by re-sending registration SMS from their own phone.
  • Various minor bug fixes in versions 3.9.1 – 3.9.13.

version 3.9  16th December 2016

New functions and improvements

  • New generation of protocol for communication with registered Essence and Raven phones
  • Raven can be added to a phone group in Jablotool.
  • Phone group contacts in Jablotool can be synchronized with Raven. Read more
  • Hotkeys can be configured in phone group. Read more
  • Phone group administrator can restrict calling and texting to admin contacts only. Applies also to registered Ravens. Read more
  • Phone group administrator can protect factory reset of registered Ravens by password. Read more
  • Immediate synchronization between Jablotool phone group and registered Raven phones.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

version 3.7   19th November 2015

New functions and improvements

Smart dashboard

  • Provides comfortable overview and basic control of your devices. Sort and search in the list are available. Read more
  • Administrator can move phones between groups.
  • Group “Unassigned phones” is available to administrator.

New phone features

  • Administrator can configure how incoming calls are handled within your phone group. Read more
  • User can configure remotely how incoming calls are handled. Read more
  • Configuration of call divert can be restricted to administrator only. Read more
  • JabloTool supports registration of Raven. Feature will be available for Raven with SW 1.9.

Fixed bugs

EYE-02, EyeSee camera, other features

  • Fixed bug: JabloTool showed CET time in Live connection to the camera even when local camera time was different.
  • Various bug fixes

version 3.6  27th April 2015

Eye-02, EyeSee camera


Improved switching between watching and sleeping mode of your camera. You can always see the current status until camera confirms it.

Time zone configuration

Wherever your devices are, stay informed in your local time. You can find this feature in account settings.

Help with adding new device

A quick checklist of all things you will need to add a new device, so there are no bumps on the road.

EYE-02, EyeSee camera, other features

  • Improved troubleshooting when user cannot connect to EYE-02 or EyeSee camera.
  • Fixed counters of SMS, MMS and data. Counters were swapped.
  • Various bug fixes

version 3.5  16th October 2014

EyeSee camera

Motion in picture

JabloTool highlights motion detection on video recorded after alarm.
Only for EyeSee camera

Essence phone

Print your hotkeys label

Setup hotkeys easily online and print label for your phone.
For Essence phone

Import and export of contacts

Admin can import and export admin contacts in the phone group.
For phone group

Increased group security

Admin can protect factory reset of phones by password.
For phone group

Bulk update of phones

Admin can schedule and perform bulk update of phones.
For phone group

Essence phone, other features

  • Admin can see information about signal and status of phones in the group
  • Adding Essence to phone group is easier in case previous registration failed.
  • Admin can give name to Essence already when adding phone to the group.
  • Configuration of contact synchronization with MS Exchange is extended.
  • JabloTool automatically shows position of Essence on the map.
  • User can delete SMS history shown in JabloTool.
  • Improved Help


  • Improved Help