Unstable signal

The signal of my Essence is unstable. Essence switches between two networks. How can I make the signal more stable?

Essence will switch to 3G network automatically after the start. However, when the 3G signal is too low or when 3G is not available then Essence will switch to 2G network. When 3G signal gets better Essence will switch back to 3G automatically.

When 3G signal is not stable Essence may be repeatedly switching between the 3G and 2G network. When you use roaming this can happen In areas near state boarders.

You can set Essence to switch only to 2G or 3G network. Select Options > Settings > Network > Network mode and choose the network mode which will provide more stable coverage. If you live in areas near state boarders you can also activate or deactivate roaming on your Essence SIM card – contact your network provider.

16. 7. 2015 GDP-06