Import contacts from Outlook

How can I import contacts from Outlook into Jablotool?

Export contacts from Outlook into a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file and import the file into Jablotool. Follow these steps.

  1. Open Outlook, choose File in top left corner. Click on Open & Export in the sidebar and click on Import/Export;
  2. Select Import / Export

  3. Choose Export to a file;
  4. Export to a file

  5. Choose Comma Separated Values format;
  6. Choose CSV format

  7. Scroll up and choose Contacts;
  8. Choose Contacts

  9. Select folder and name for your exported file;
  10. Name your exported file

  11. Click on Map Custom fields;
  12. Click on Map Custom Fields

  13. Click on Clear Map and drag only First Name, Last Name, Company, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Business phone to the right field (To:);
  14. Select map fields

  15. Finish the export;
  16. Open the saved file in Excel and delete all quotation marks ( “ ) in the first line;
  17. Delete quotation marks

  18. Save the file, replacing the original one;
  19. Import this *.CSV file to
    1. Login to your Jablotool account.
    2. End users: Select your phone, choose Contacts > More > Import.
      Phone group administrators: Select your phone group, choose Contacts > More > Import.
  20. Import contacts

18. 10. 2013 GDP-06 JabloTool