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I would like to import contacts to Jablotool from a file. These contacts will be synchronized to phones in Jablotool. I already have a list of contacts and their phone numbers in a table. How should I adjust the file so that the contacts can be imported by Jablotool?

The best and easiest way to import contacts from a table is to convert it to CSV format. Follow the steps below to prepare a compatible CSV file.
Note: We are going to use MS Excel, but feel free to use any other SW, the process should be similar.

  1. First organize your data so that it looks as on the table below. The first line should look as in the picture. Download template here.

  2. Click on empty column. Merge the texts from cells together and separate them with commas. Use the function CONCATENATE or its equivalent in your spreadsheet editor.
    Example of formula: =CONCATENATE(A1;”,”;B1;”,”;C1;”,”;D1;”,”;E1;”,”;F1)
  3. Copy the formula to other lines.
  4. You can see the concatenated table in the column H in the picture below.

  5. Copy the column H (Select the whole column and press Ctrl+c). Make sure that the first line with the heading is copied too.
  6. Create a new excel file, press Ctrl+n.
  7. Insert the copied cells into the new file, press Ctrl+v.
  8. Click on the (Ctrl) 1. icon and select Paste Values 2..

  9. Save the new file with your contact list as contacts.csv file. Choose the format CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv).

    Note:MS Excel may alert you that some features in the workbook might be lost if you save it as CSV (Comma delimited). Select Yes and keep using this format.

  10. Now you have prepared a compatible CSV file ready for import to
  11. Import the contacts to Jablotool. Sign in to your account at
    1. Select where you want to import those contacts. Choose a Phone group or click on Essence phone on the Dashboard.
    2. Go to Contacts
    3. Click on MORE
    4. Select import
Phone Group Essence phone
    1. Click on the button Choose file
    2. Select the CSV file you have created and click Open
  1. Click Import contacts and the imported contacts will appear in the contact list.

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