Synchronize contacts with MS Exchange

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I registered the Essence in JabloTool, selected Settings, Synchronization and wanted to synchronize the contacts in Essence with Microsoft Exchange. After confirming the login details to Exchange, JabloTool showed the error message:

Error - credentials are not correct

What to do?

Check these points:

    1. Is your Essence up-to-date? In JabloTool select Settings, Firmware update.
    2. Have you filled in the login to Exchange correctly? Ask your administrator.


User name and password are the same as when you login to your company Exchange account. JabloTool will identify the address of Exchange server based on your email address. This is done automatically as JabloTool uses the Autodiscover service.

If configuration completed by Autodiscover is not correct JabloTool will offer you advanced configuration.

Advanced configuration

Domain = Microsoft Active Directory domain
Server address = address of Exchange Web Services, e.g.

Ask your Exchange administrator about these settings.

Does your MS Exchange meet the requirements of JabloTool? Ask your administrator.

    1. Supported versions of Microsoft Exchange
      2010, 2010 SP1, 2010 SP2 and 2013.
    2. Supported protocols
      EWS – supported; more information about EWS (Exchange Web Services)
      ActiveSync – not supported
    3. Autodiscover service
      The autodiscover of MS Exchange server allows to establish a connection to MS Exchange server by entering the just the user name, email address and password.
    4. EWS Client
      JabloTool uses the library Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API 2.0 to connect to the EWS service.
    5. Valid Certificate is expected (X509 Certificate2 issued by recognized authority)

More information about Exchange Server and EWS protocol

  1. Guide on publishing Exchange server 2010
  2. Description of EWS
  3. Commands which configure the web service where EWS will be published
  4. Website testing the functionality of EWS
  5. Guide on configuration of autodiscover service
  6. Exchange service autodiscover URL method
6. 5. 2014 GDP-06 JabloTool