Flood detector and security camera

EYE-02 is compatible with a number of wireless peripherals like detectors, buttons or sirens. The periferals offer new ways of using EYE-02 camera, like monitoring of water in places where you expect a flood. Camera with flood detector will inform you about rising water and you will be able to take action in time. Application note describes situations in which flood detector can help you. You will also learn how to make the flood detector work with your EYE-02 camera.

Where flood detector will help

Monitoring cellar at home
You live in a family house. Every year heavy rains raise the level of water under the terrain. Your cellar always gets flooded. As you already use the camera at home, you will just add flood detector to the camera. You do not need to check the cellar regularly. You can rely on the camera – it will call you, send SMS, MMS or email and you will know that water is rising.

Monitoring your cottage remotely
Your weekend cottage lies in the valley with a brook. In spring it happened several that the bottom of your cottage was flooded. You did not know about it for one week until you arrived at the cottage. And after one week there was a lot of damage. Camera with flood detector will inform you when cottage gets flooded. You will know in time that water is coming.

APN Flood detector Monitoring water in cellar

Monitoring river in your town
Do you live in a town where floods happen every spring? Everyone will feel more comfortable when they know about the rising water. With EYE-02 camera this is sipmle. If water reaches critical mark camera will call them, send SMS or MMS. They will inform everyone about what is happening. Camera will also to take pictures of the river every 10 minutes all day long. Camera will be sending these pictures to the Cloud storage (our cloud servers provide safe storage and fast access to data in your camera). Officials in chage of monitoring the water will browse through these pictures in www.jablotool.com. They can also publish the latest picture on the website.

APN Flood detector Monitoring river in your town

Camera installed outdoors should not be directly exposed to rain and snow. Wireless transmitter is not waterproof, it must not be flooded by water. Protect transmitter from wet climate, see Flood detector installation below for more information. Flood detector itself is waterproof.

What you need

Besides the EYE-02 security camera you will need two detectors from the system OASIS manufatured by Jablotron:

JA-81M Door detector JA-81M Door detector LD-81 Flood detector LD-81 Flood detector

Detector will work as a wireless transmitter for the flood detector.


1 Connect flood detector to the transmitter

  1. Flood detector ends with a white wire. Remove the last 2cm of its insulation. You will see four small wires. Remove the insulation of the red and black wire. Cut off the blue and yellow wire as you will not need them.
  2. Open the transmitter by a screwdriver and take its green board out of the white casing.
  3. Remove the clamp between IN1 and GND. There are two more clamps. They connect IN2 with TMP and TMP with GND. Keep these two clamps in their original position.
  4. Attach the wires of LD-81 into JA-81M:
    a. Insert red wire into IN 1
    b. Insert black wire into GND
    APN Flood detector wiring

    APN Flood detector wiring

  5. Make a small hole on the side of transmitter casing. You will pull the white wire of flood detector here.
  6. Fit the green board of transmitter back into its white plastic.

APN Flood detector assembly APN Flood detector assembly APN Flood detector assembly

2 Enroll transmitter into camera

  1. Switch your camera to Enroll mode:
    a. Connect to the camera in JabloTool
    b. Select Settings, Advanced, Peripherals. Click on Add new device.
  2. Insert battery into the door detector. It will enroll into the camera. Give a name to this detector in Jablotool.

Pull the white wire through the hole in transmitter casing and close the transmitter.

APN Flood detector assembly APN Flood detector assembly APN Flood detector assembly

3 Install flood detector, transmitter and camera

Before you begin with installation please consider some aspects:

Communication range

  • Camera communicates with transmitter on the distance of up to 100m in free space. Any walls or other objects between camera and detector will decrease the distance. Place transmitter within this range from the camera.

Outdoor installation

  • Will you install the camera outdoors? You will probably need to protect the camera against rain and snow by outdoor cover. Follow Outdoor installation guide for more information.
  • Transmitter is not waterproof. It must not be flooded by rising water. Flood detector itself is waterproof.
  • Protect transmitter from wet climate. Put the transmitter it into a cover when you install it outdoors.

Will your camera take pictures at night? You may need external infrared illumination. See External IR guide for more information.

4 Set reporting from camera

Camera can send you report when water reaches critical level. You will know it is time to take action. Also, camera is useful for regular monitoring of situation. Camera will send pictures to Jablotool server, e.g. every 10 minutes. You will connect to the camera in JabloTool and check if the water rises or decreases. You can also publish the latest pictures on your website.

4.1 Reporting when water reaches critical level
Set the camera to send out report when water reaches the flood detector:

  1. Connect to the camera in Jablotool.
  2. Go to Reporting tab. Insert your phone number or email address. Select one of reporting profiles (e.g. Extended) under your contact.
  3. Select Reporting and set the interval of periodical report. The smallest interval is one picture a minute. Choose e.g. 10 minutes and camera will send one picture to the Cloud storage every 10 minutes. Later you will connect to the camera in Jablotool and browse through the pictures. You will see if water is rising or sinking.

4.2 Regular reporting
Follow these steps and set the camera so that it sends regular reports to the Cloud storage of JabloTool. Cloud storage is a safe place for back-up of your events. You can quickly access the events anytime later. This is useful for regular monitoring of situation, e.g. if water level on river is increasing or decreasing.

  1. Connect to the camera in Jablotool.
  2. Select Settings, Change data plan. Select that camera can use data (first or second option). Camera will now report all events to the Cloud storage.
  3. Select Advanced, Reported events, then click on Alarms.
  4. Go to line Intruder alarm in the column of your reporting profile (e.g. Extended). Select how camera should report the alarm. Select from voice call, text message, picture message or email.

4.3 Publishing picture
It may be useful to publish the latest camera picture on your website.
Example: people in the town would like to see how fast the water in river is rising.

  1. Connect to the camera in Jablotool.
  2. Select Settings, Change data plan. Choose the first or second option and activate Cloud storage.
  3. Select Reporting and set periodical reports to 10 minutes.
  4. Scroll below and switch the Web Camera ON. You will see a web link.
  5. Copy and embed the link into your website

The latest camera picture will be published on your website. The picture will be automatically updated every 10 minutes.

5 Make a test

APN Flood detector Test

Switch the camera to Watch mode and submerge the flood detector into water. Transmitter will report Intruder alarm to the camera (camera will see the transmitter as door detector JA-81M). Camera will inform you about the alarm by call, SMS, MMS or email. This depends on your settings.

Please note that camera will report alarm from the transmitter only when camera is in Watch mode. That is why your camera should be in Watch mode all the time you monitor the level of water.

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