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I administer a group of phones in Jablotool. When I login to the phone group in Jablotool I can see the notification that contact memory of phones in the group is full. How can I solve this and what are the rules for importing contacts to Essence or Raven?

You can solve the issue with full contact memory only by reducing the number of contacts which you import into the phone group.

The phonebook of Essence and Raven can consist of user contacts and phone group contacts. User contacts are added by the user themselves. Phone group contacts are managed by phone group administrator. The group contacts are synchronized into the phone when it is added into the phone group. The capacity of Essence phonebook is 2500 contacts (7500 numbers)*, the capacity of Raven contacts is unlimited.

Rules of contact import

The following rules apply when more contacts are imported than the phonebook allows:

  • When the number of imported contacts exceeds the phonebook then contacts from the beginning of alphabet are imported.
  • When the sum of phone group contacts and user contacts exceeds the phonebook capacity the group contacts have priority over the user contacts. User contacts are replaced by group contacts to enable the import of as many group contacts as possible. User contacts are deleted from the end of alphabet.
  • When phonebook capacity is filled up by user and group contacts and administrator deletes a group contact then the Essence phone creates one free contact position which can be filled by user contact or another phone group contact.
  • Administrator can synchronize group contacts with group storage in Jablotool, with Google or Exchange account. When the latter two are used the administrator can select which Google or Exchange contact folders should be synchronized. Contacts duplicated in more folders are synchronized as one item in phonebook.

To check the contact capacity on Essence press Names on the phone. You will see the total number of contacts in the top right corner of display. Administrator can check the number of group contacts when they login to their Jablotool account, select the phone group and click on Phones.



*) Some of the older models of Essence have the capacity of 1500 contacts (4500 numbers).

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