Flat owners community monitoring public areas

Besides the real monitoring and physical data you will have at disposal, the camera itself serves as a preventive tool.

Two cameras were installed in the ground floor corridors of the block of 70 flats, facing the main entrance and exit of the whole building. So far the cameras have been working mainly as prevention against disorder, vandalism and lounging of strangers in the common corridors and rooms. These situations happened mainly in the evenings in winter months when unknown strangers or youngsters were gathering around the heating in the corridor and were smoking, damaging or even trying to get into post boxes.

Since installation of the cameras, these incidents do not happen anymore.

The people living or coming into the house are not messy anymore and they do not throw the leaflets from the post boxes on the ground. Also no garbage, old household appliances or furniture is laid down next to the main doors which used to be a common practice before.

The flat keepers are satisfied with the installation of the cameras and no negative responses have been noticed so far. In summary, the whole application brought considerable improvement of the common environment in the house. Moreover, in case of any burglary, theft or any issue, it will be possible to browse through the events and find out the approximate time when it happened and how the potential culprit could look like.

The cameras are positioned in the corridor directly facing the entrance door. If the particular person is leaving the building, the back side of the person will be recorded. Although it is possible to find out when a similar person entered the building and thus recognize him, more efficient would be to mount another camera on the side wall which would enable recording from the other side as well.

The solution is almost completely wireless – the only wires are leading to the AC socket, all the rest is ensured by mobile 3G connection. There is no need to pay for monitoring centres as the camera events and maintaining of the account is easy and intuitive, so that any authorized person can handle it. Besides the real monitoring and physical data you will have at disposal, the camera itself serves as a preventive tool. Presence of such a device can discourage anybody from potential unwanted activities.

Prevention from vandalism

Feel secure in own house again

Convenient solution for protecting common property