Cork Taxi drives new business

Customers do not need to pay for the call and we increase our revenue – so everybody is happy!

We needed to deploy „public phones“ to hotels, pubs and bars in our city that customers could use to call to our call centre. Ideally, we would like to have such phone in an every single public place in Cork. Customers do not need to pay for the call and we increase our revenue – so everybody is happy!

“We believe in investing in our business and have spent heavily on ensuring we have the latest technology in our taxis and in our call centre, so that the client has the smoothest possible taxi journey available in Cork.”

However, the costs of a comparable solution based on the fixed line phones would be too high. That is why we are so happy with this solution from Jablocom that is based on mobile services. We have set the phone number of our call centre to the Quick dialling button so customers can reach us just by pressing one button. To make a call, they can use a receiver like on a fixed phone or they can put the phone into loudspeaker.

Cork Taxi Co-operative Society Limited was formed in 1971 when taxi men in the city saw the need to provide a radio taxi service for the city. That spirit of innovation has never left the company and they have been at the forefront of all major initiatives in the industry ever since. Customer come always first… As the leading provider of taxi and taxi courier services in Cork city and county they have one simple goal, to provide their customers with a taxi on time, every time. This has allowed them to become Cork’s largest, fastest and most efficient taxi service.

“We save about a 80% plus on average when compared to fixed lines that we would have had in hotels, bars etc. Also with such a cost reduction we have increased our free phone foot print to drive our business and create new revenue streams. We also use JabloPhones to give a better service to our customers by dialling back to the units and letting them know we are outside. Increasing our foot print drives new business, which is always a big selling point,” says Barry Cotter, the Senior Transport Co-Ordinator.

Potential customers can reach you anytime for free

Quick dialling buttons used as predefined numbers

“Public phones” within the VPN service