Why should I send SMS to my device?

Why Jablotool.com needs to send the text message (SMS) to my device?

Your device registered on Jablotool.com is not permanently connected to our cloud. It connects automatically either when it has something to report (e.g. security camera sends alarm report) or with defined synchronization period (e.g. Essence phones). Thus mobile data, energy and resources are saved.

Sometimes you need to establish connection with device on your request. Such cases include device registration, software update and online connection with camera (status change, configuration change, live video request, access to records stored only in camera). In these cases command in the form of text message (SMS) is sent to your device – usually by our server.

Why should I send this SMS from my mobile phone?

If you are asked by Jablotool.com to send the text message (SMS) to your device, it is because:

  • Jablotool.com already sent the SMS message, but this message was not delivered on time or was not recognized by your device (probably message arrived distorted).
  • Or (applies on camera users only) you reached the monthly limit of SMS messages sent by Jablotool. The monthly limit is 100 text messages per device monthly for Premium subscription and 3 text messages per device monthly for Free subscription.

This text message (SMS) should be sent by you from your mobile phone to your Jablocom device. It is charged by your mobile carrier as standard text message (SMS) sent from your phone.

How to avoid sending the connection SMS for the next time?

Tips for camera users only

  • Make sure that you have the cloud storage activated (Settings – Change Data tariff – one of the first two options should be chosen). Using the cloud storage minimizes the amount of cases in which the connection message need to be send. It also provides much faster response of the web portal.
  • Configure Timers (Settings – Timers) to automate actions which are repeated with some schedule. Two scheduled tasks can be configured for Free cameras, six tasks can be configured for Premium cameras.
    Example: Set the first timer to switch the camera in your office to Sleep on Monday – Friday at 7:45. Set the second timer to switch the camera in your office to Watch on Monday – Friday at 17:15.
  • Avoid the live video requests. If you need to check your property repeatedly, consider using the Periodical reports feature (Settings – Periodical reports). You will get fresh picture every day in configured time(s) automatically.
  • Consider purchasing Premium subscription. Limit for Free subscription cameras is 3 text messages per device monthly, limit for Premium subscription is 100 text messages per device monthly.
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