Autodial feature

Cloud administration overview
The Autodial feature is available for all models of the Essence family (GDP-06, GDP-06i, GDP-06e, GDP-09).

When this feature is activated the outgoing calls are allowed only to one preset number. Calling to another numbers is banned (including numbers stored as contacts or hotkeys). As soon as the user picks the handset the phone automatically starts dialing the preset phone number. As soon as the user presses the Speaker button the phone starts dialing the preset phone number in the loud speaker mode.

This feature is typically used in phones serving as doorbell, remote reception, helpdesk terminal, contact to room service, assistant or caring person *), etc.


Enter the code *##02*preset-number# on the standby screen and confirm it by the green tick button.
Example: Enter *##02*123456789# to set the preset number to 123456789. If the code is accepted, phone replies OK.


Enter the code *##02*# and confirm the code by the green tick button.
*) Please note that mobile devices are usually not intended to be the only contact point for the emergency cases. Check the Terms of Service of your mobile operator or contact its support for details.

9. 4. 2021 GDP-06 GDP-09