How to activate the 90 days cloud storage for camera with Premium?

Premium camera owners can select freely the period of storing records in our cloud for 3, 7, 14 or 30 days. To use the full period of 90 days the Data processing agreement needs to be signed to assure compliance with the personal data protection regulations.

The requirements for activation of 90 days cloud storage depends on where you use your camera. Please select the appropriate one of the following scenarios.

Private use

Scenario description:
Camera is installed in your private home, cottage, garage, fenced yard, etc. Only you or members of your family usually access the area. All people in your household are aware of the camera.
No public, neighbouring or publicly accessible areas are monitored or can be seen in the record (e.g. people walking the street around your fence, part of your neighbour’s garden, part of your publicly accessible meadow, etc.). Monitored area is not accessible by public, tenants or employees (it is not shop, restaurant, office, warehouse, building site, factory, forest, meadow, etc.).

How to proceed:

  1. Please contact us at
    – State that you would like to sign the Data processing agreement as “Private user”.
    – Send us your name, address, e-mail account and the IMEI numbers of your cameras.
    – When sending us this e-mail, use the same e-mail which you used for registration on
  2. We will send you the Data processing agreement by e-mail .
  3. Read this document carefully, print it and sign it.
  4. Let your signature on document be verified (usually it can be done in the town hall, at the post office, by the notary, etc.).
  5. Send us the Agreement by mail to NOABE s.r.o., V Nivach 12, 466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic. Mark the envelope “Jablotool-90”.


Public use

Scenario description:
Camera records the publicly accessible area, shop, office, factory, building site, forrest, or other similar area which people (including your employees, neighbours, tenants, etc.) can enter.

How to proceed:
In this case the situation is more complex. Legislation imposes a lot obligations on you (as a camera system operator). Please, make yourself familiar with them and do your best to comply with them.
Records can be stored only for limited period, which is necessary for operating the camera system. It is usually a couple of days only. Based on experience, experts usually recommend not to exceed the limit of 7 days for the common premises and 14 days for the premises which are rarely visited (e.g. cellars of apartment buildings). We strongly recommend not to exceed these limits.
If you believe that the 90-day record retention is justified in your case, please contact us at

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