Before you add Essence or Raven to Jablotool

  1. Make sure mobile data communication is ON
    Check whether data is active on your Essence SIM card.
    • Ask your operator, or
    • put the Essence SIM card in your smartphone, turn OFF Wi-Fi and try to connect to internet via mobile data

    Make sure Raven is connected to internet via WiFi. If you use mobile data follow the points above.

  2. Make sure that the SIM card in your Essence or Raven can receive SMS
    • Send a test SMS to the Essence or Raven from another phone
  3. Raven only: Make sure that the firmware is up-to-date.
    • Open Settings of Raven and select About phone > Firmware version.
    • If the version is lower than 2.0.11 update your Raven. Follow the guide here.
  4. Make sure Essence or Raven are turned ON
    • Check the display of Essence or Raven. Power Essence and Raven from power adaptor
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